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V-CARE Company was formed as a sister concern of SK Properties & Developers (established in 2019) with an eye on specialization in Structural works & MEP services.

We therefore have the opportunity to start off with a group of well experienced management professionals, engineering staff and a pool of experienced technicians and are the real back bone of the company.

V-Care always believed and delivered quality services in all our projects and services. We undertake turnkey installation of MEP works, Fitout work, building maintenance in accordanceto specifications, consultant and client recommendations.

V-Care also adapted itself to the needs of its clients;by providing value engineering and redesign services that proved to accomplish substantial cost saving without compromising performanceand quality. This pre-qualification document gives an overview of the organization structure of V-Care and its management team and brief descriptionof the on-going and executed projects by ourteam.

Hoping that this document will give you a good understanding of our goals and achievements.

Our Vision & Mission

V-CARE aims to become one of leading MEP contracting in INDIA currently operating in the Kerala- Thiruvananthapuram and in this region by providing high quality MEP services in the fastest growing economy in the world.

We Endeavor to provide our clients the cost-effective services and assist our clients in meeting the project schedules with innovation and technical excellence service resulting in enhancement and energy conservation.

Our Commitment

To establish worry-free maintenance issues concerning home and business clients in Thiruvananthapuram. We make this possible by offering our wide range of quality maintenance services and systematized customer support.


Our Philosophy

"Our Action Your Satisfaction"


We have developed a framework which captures the values, on which we want all of our people to basetheir behavior.

  • In partnership: We continually add value by becoming part of our clients 'teams and acting so as to improve their outcomes.
  • Investing in people and process: We treat everyone with respect and help our people to develop their full potential so that both they and the business benefit.
  • Integrity: We honor our commitments by actingin an open, ethical, professional and friendly manner.
  • Individual responsibility: We act responsibly by working safely, with consideration for those affected by our operations, and approach opportunities and problems with an attitude that says, "I can do something about this."
  • Innovation: We improve our performance through continual learning and innovation and by sharing our knowledge.
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